Blog 2…. The laundry

This week’s featured renovation is a utility space, but would you believe the laundry is actually one of my favourite rooms in the house now after its makeover!

I bet not many people would list the laundry as one of their favourite rooms in a house, but this is often an overlooked space in which you can showcase great design and planning. And as it is usually one of the most used rooms in a house, after all everyone has to do laundry, you might as well make it a nice-looking and practical space to make your chores a little bit more bearable.

Our galley-style laundry was created partially from spaces borrowed from other rooms. We cut a metre off the sitting room and a metre off the old kitchen which is now going to be a dining room. Losing part of the sitting room did mean losing a fireplace which was a big decision, but we are lucky to have another fireplace elsewhere in the house.

Before photo of our laundry:


The first thing I did when thinking about the laundry was to look for inspiration from places like Pinterest in terms of layouts and colours. I also made a wish list of everything I wanted in my laundry.

Pinterest photo I loved the most:9b46cf5e6c7cac91f776e214fede7b22

Often spaces like this are small – I am lucky that I had space to create mine – so having a wish list can help you decide what you really want and how you can make the best use of the space.

My wish list had a number of different items, most of which are designed to help make the laundry process easier.

My list comprised:

  • A rod hanging rack – great for wet days or for delicate items you might not want hanging out on the line as well as storing things ready for ironing. I literally pull my husbands shirts straight from the washing machine, put them on a hanger and they dry overnight.
  • Plenty of storage for vacuum, brooms and buckets as well as power points for a mini vacuum and other appliances
  • A linen cupboard
  • Pull out washing baskets – one for whites and one for dark clothes
  • A big sink – I chose a Butlers bowl to match the kitchen and the scullery
  • A big tap – again I chose a brushed nickel one to match the kitchen and scullery with a pull out lever.
  • A space for buckets for soaking etc.
  • A side door directly out to the washing line
  • A place for the cat’s basket and food and cat door

My husband also requested a fold-down ironing board so we added that too.

I wanted matching cabinetry and white paintwork to keep everything uniform, and we chose bench tops that look beautiful but are also hardwearing. I have a 4.3metre Corian bench top so plenty of room for sorting and folding – and the lovely look does make the job more enjoyable.

And this also means I have 4.3m of cupboards on the other side, so plenty of storage.

We also added two different lighting options. A strip light under the overhead cupboards and then three LED lights on a separate switch if we need a bit more.

Lastly, a new laundry deserves new appliances, so we invested in a new washing machine and dryer. I did a lot of research on this! In the end, I went for Miele as they are very quiet and have a good reputation.

The renovation process was actually pretty straightforward in this room, and it all went smoothly. The only problem we had was the entrance door into the laundry which had to be an external sliding door because of the double brick walls we have so we ended up with a barn door style.

Renovation photos:

I was very specific about matching the barn door to our other internal doors with panels so it blends in with the rest of the house.

And lastly, The outside shower which is situated outside the laundry and the scullery. This has been invaluable for showering kids straight after the pool. They then come in the laundry door and it stops them from running throughout the house.

We chose a copper one with a big head, visual reasons really so it matches all our new sprouting right around the house but also because copper lasts and lasts.

So there you have it – laundry might still not be my most favourite job around the house, but at least I have a great room to do it in!

After photos: 




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