Blog 3.. The Kitchen, Dining and New Extension

I believe the kitchen is the hub of the home and it is usually the room where families spend most of their time, so renovating a kitchen is a big job and one that you need to get right.

A lot of planning went into our new kitchen, and believe me, I lost quite a lot of sleep during the process! But I do think that all the planning first of all and making informed decisions about appliances, paint, fixtures and even things like the inside of cabinets really helped the project to run smoothly.

We added an extension of approximately 100m2 to create the kitchen, scullery and dining room and a living area with a study nook. But we planned this carefully as we didn’t want to look like we had just stuck a new box on the back of the house. Cladding and finishings were chosen to match what was already there so it looked as if the extension had always been there and we worked with the builders to create a special detail on the interior roof to match the rest of the house.

The Kitchen before photos:


One of the first decisions about the kitchen was how to position it within the space. We eventually decided on a side on position to give us more space to hang out as a family as well as easier access to the scullery and room for a wine cellar!

I knew I wanted a kitchen that would be contemporary and timeless, but that functioned well as well as looking good, so I chose a white kitchen with handleless cabinetry and integrated appliances. Our appliances are mostly WOLF, which are amazing.

We didn’t skimp on the fittings and fixtures here as I think a kitchen needs to function well for you to enjoy it so we chose soft closing drawers and cupboards and thought carefully about where things were placed, like the knife drawer and spice rack just to the side of the hobs.

Having an extra pantry in the main kitchen is a good idea for basics and things you use everyday like tea and coffee. I have pull out drawers which I love with rubber matting in all drawers.

The key feature of the space is the island bench which I love. I knew from the beginning that I wanted an island, and as I love marble it was the obvious choice for the benchtop, as well as the splash back and the bench of the shelving unit along the living area wall. A lot of marble.

We choose dark wooden bar stools to set at the island to fit with the dark oak floors throughout the lower level of the house. We did debate about staining the lovely wooden floor but wanted to make the floors in keeping with the era of the house.

There is a lot of downlighting throughout the kitchen, but I wanted to create one focal point so I used a beautiful chandelier from Australia over the island.

After Photos:


The Scullery

The scullery continues the themes of the kitchen on a smaller scale. I’d really recommend a scullery if you have room. It is great to have a place to organise all my jars, store appliances and do meal prep. We also have a second dishwasher out here which reduces the mess in the kitchen. An outside door leads straight out to the rubbish bins and the BBQ which has been piped into a gas outlet from the house to save using bottles.

We matched the scullery, laundry and kitchen with big ceramic stone butlers bowls and big pull out lever mixers. I wanted these areas to be uniform to help my clean and simple look.


The Dining and Living Space:

The dining and living space are combined so that the kitchen in itself becomes the centrepiece of the floor plan.

The dining room is where the old kitchen use to be and fits perfectly just off the kitchen. I’ve always wanted a round table and managed to find one to fit with the chairs I had already chosen. Round tables have a number of key advantages when it comes to using them for an occasion because they allow everyone to face each other and makes everyone equal – no fighting over who is at the head of the table.

I found a tradition glass hanging pendant at an antique shop in Remuera and my Piera McArthur art adds a pop of colour. Would you believe I first spotted this in the Koru Club at Auckland Airport on my way to Bali! My all time favourite colour would have to be blue and you don’t see many Piera McArthur’s pieces with so much blue – thats why I love it.

The living area is a multi-purpose space designed for watching television, doing homework, or just drinking coffee and staring out at the sea.

Floor to ceiling bespoke shelving gives plenty of storage space and a study nook means I can keep an eye on the kids doing their homework or using the computer while I prepare dinner.


The Wine Cellar

Installing a wine cellar was my husband’s idea and it is one of his best ever decisions! There was an old toilet attached to the back of the house and as it was under the stairs and had a load bearing wall we couldn’t get rid of it or change it too much.

But it is the perfect size for a wine cellar! We had storage added by cabinet maker to match the kitchen and scullery and we have put a double fridge in so we can store beer and soft drinks there rather than filling up the main fridge.

Before photos:



The finishing touches

I would say that my style for this area would be a dash of traditional, a dash of contemporary with a splash of Scandinavian style all rolled into one.

The overriding Scandinavian minimalist approach is clean and fresh but I’ve added details with textures and accessories.

Adding texture increases the visual and tactile appeal of your rooms, for example in the kitchen we’ve added a country detail around the cabinetry

Laying textures in a room is what gives it the homely feel you are looking for and adds interest to the space.

I used a over-dyed patchwork rug as the focal point in the living area – by the way rugs are a great way to pull a whole room together.

I have added leather, velvet and animal skin to the furniture to create another layer and two woollen throws also add interest.

My furniture is from all different shops and places around the world. My Mother gave me the Bamilekek stools when she came back from South Africa.

You’ll see you can mix and match textures and accessories as much as you like but make sure you do start out with a plan so in the end it all comes together rather than clashing.


Blog 2…. The laundry

This week’s featured renovation is a utility space, but would you believe the laundry is actually one of my favourite rooms in the house now after its makeover!

I bet not many people would list the laundry as one of their favourite rooms in a house, but this is often an overlooked space in which you can showcase great design and planning. And as it is usually one of the most used rooms in a house, after all everyone has to do laundry, you might as well make it a nice-looking and practical space to make your chores a little bit more bearable.

Our galley-style laundry was created partially from spaces borrowed from other rooms. We cut a metre off the sitting room and a metre off the old kitchen which is now going to be a dining room. Losing part of the sitting room did mean losing a fireplace which was a big decision, but we are lucky to have another fireplace elsewhere in the house.

Before photo of our laundry:


The first thing I did when thinking about the laundry was to look for inspiration from places like Pinterest in terms of layouts and colours. I also made a wish list of everything I wanted in my laundry.

Pinterest photo I loved the most:9b46cf5e6c7cac91f776e214fede7b22

Often spaces like this are small – I am lucky that I had space to create mine – so having a wish list can help you decide what you really want and how you can make the best use of the space.

My wish list had a number of different items, most of which are designed to help make the laundry process easier.

My list comprised:

  • A rod hanging rack – great for wet days or for delicate items you might not want hanging out on the line as well as storing things ready for ironing. I literally pull my husbands shirts straight from the washing machine, put them on a hanger and they dry overnight.
  • Plenty of storage for vacuum, brooms and buckets as well as power points for a mini vacuum and other appliances
  • A linen cupboard
  • Pull out washing baskets – one for whites and one for dark clothes
  • A big sink – I chose a Butlers bowl to match the kitchen and the scullery
  • A big tap – again I chose a brushed nickel one to match the kitchen and scullery with a pull out lever.
  • A space for buckets for soaking etc.
  • A side door directly out to the washing line
  • A place for the cat’s basket and food and cat door

My husband also requested a fold-down ironing board so we added that too.

I wanted matching cabinetry and white paintwork to keep everything uniform, and we chose bench tops that look beautiful but are also hardwearing. I have a 4.3metre Corian bench top so plenty of room for sorting and folding – and the lovely look does make the job more enjoyable.

And this also means I have 4.3m of cupboards on the other side, so plenty of storage.

We also added two different lighting options. A strip light under the overhead cupboards and then three LED lights on a separate switch if we need a bit more.

Lastly, a new laundry deserves new appliances, so we invested in a new washing machine and dryer. I did a lot of research on this! In the end, I went for Miele as they are very quiet and have a good reputation.

The renovation process was actually pretty straightforward in this room, and it all went smoothly. The only problem we had was the entrance door into the laundry which had to be an external sliding door because of the double brick walls we have so we ended up with a barn door style.

Renovation photos:

I was very specific about matching the barn door to our other internal doors with panels so it blends in with the rest of the house.

And lastly, The outside shower which is situated outside the laundry and the scullery. This has been invaluable for showering kids straight after the pool. They then come in the laundry door and it stops them from running throughout the house.

We chose a copper one with a big head, visual reasons really so it matches all our new sprouting right around the house but also because copper lasts and lasts.

So there you have it – laundry might still not be my most favourite job around the house, but at least I have a great room to do it in!

After photos: 




Blog 1: Reno…The Powder Room

This is actually one of the last rooms we did, but it is one of the first ones I have ready to share.

By the time I got round to doing this powder room I was actually completely over renovating and just wanted everything to be done, so I kept putting it off, but eventually the ideas came together.

This room also served as our kitchen for five months while we were building the extension!

The room was originally a bathroom when the property was divided into three apartments (before we converted it back to one dwelling) so it was returning to its original function. More recently it has had the laundry in it. It was also one of the worst things about the original property with lino flooring, a concrete shower box and a horrible smell of damp.

Before shots:

It definitely had issues – there was no window as the only existing window had to be removed for the extension and its closeness to the spare room meant we had to do a lip of tiles around the shower to protect the wooden floors and the carpets in the spare room. I’m not a big fan of these but it worked on a practical level here.

On the positive side, this room is generous for a guest bathroom and with its location right next to the spare room it is the perfect guest bathroom and because it is for guests I made sure it felt luxurious and welcoming.

Even though this bathroom won’t get as much use as our others, I still wanted it to be high-quality so I’ve used products from Robertson Agencies who always supply great products. I used mainly Italian products and chose brushed nickel to tie in with the rest of the house.

I love the big Victoria and Albert bowl, particularly the fact that it isn’t completely round, and we chose a wall mixer to keep the high-quality look. A high stud in this room meant we were able to use oversize shower glass and take it right up to the ceiling which also adds to the feel of expense and we chose an expensive toilet too – soft closing lids are a must in my opinion!

In the shower, the luxe feel continues with a double head dumper and tiled areas to hold the soap and other toiletries.

We tiled from floor to ceiling with marble tiles on the floor and white on the walls. Tiling from floor to ceiling makes a big difference in terms of the look of a bathroom and doesn’t really cost you that much extra. We also put in underfloor heating, although I’m not sure how much use it will get, but we didn’t want to skimp for our guests.

The big thing about this room – the feature wall. Now, I normally use neutral palates and I’m not generally a fan of feature walls. I think they date quickly and it can be hard to match them with other parts of the room but I guess there’s always an exception to the rule.

Throughout the rest of the house I’ve kept things fairly neutral and used accessories to add colour, so this was my chance to do something a bit more fabulous and make a statement.

I saw this wallpaper online in the Netherlands and fell in love with it. It also suits the character of the house really well and I think works well for a powder room, I wanted to add texture and keep that English feel. You might think wallpapering in a bathroom isn’t a great idea, but as this is a guest room, the shower will probably only be used a few times a year, I think it will be fine.

I didn’t want to do the whole room so I chose the wall opposite the door and then planned the rest of the bathroom around it to keep this wall clean. The other main feature in this room is the mirror. I love anything round so this mirror was perfect for me and the bigger frame gives it an older feel with a bit of character which fits with the rest of the room.

So there you have it. It may only be a guest bathroom/powder room but it has definitely had a Wow.

After Shots:


Next up is the laundry makeover


Renovation time again..

It’s that time again!!

After a long break we are back into renovations on Monday, the third and final stage.

This time it’s the big one : Kitchen + scullery, laundry, 3 living areas, dining room, another bathroom, spare room, entrance, garaging, landscaping and pool.

Over the next 8 months, I will keep a blog of the progress with before and after shots.

Hopefully with some ideas/bits and pieces for others renovating.

Here are a few photos from my mood boards that you will see come to life over the next 8 months.

Janey x


Stairs – restored and complete!

Hi di Hi,

As promised, a few photos of the stairs finished. They took longer than expected and cost a small fortune but it was worth it. They deserve all the time, energy and love they got.

Just to jog your memory, some Before Photos:

2014-06-16 11.26.06 2014-04-03 15.56.18

And the After Photos:

2015-03-27 11.02.22 2015-03-27 11.01.26  2015-03-27 11.02.52 2015-03-27 11.03.23 2015-03-27 11.02.41

We used CTC flooring for all the dark staining of steps and handrails. And Rick from Decor Magic for the painting. Rick has so much experience and did an amazing job.

Artisan flooring installed the sisal runner to match the sisal upstairs.

And lastly, the finishing touch……. 40th present from my husband. A “Piera McArthur” piece of art for the stairwell. Its contemporary, colourful, chaotic. It’s perfect!

Title: Three Horsemen and a Flag

IMG_3528 copy

And now, I am taking time out to smell the roses …..for a while. x

The study..

So after having had lots of fun creating my daughters’ rooms and their bathroom, the time has come to look at another one of the grown-up rooms in the house.

This area was used as a sun porch or a sewing room so it was the perfect size for a study. One of its best features is the amazing outlook so of course we had to have the desk facing the window. We can see right over the Orakei basin from one side of the room and over the city & Sky tower from the other side.

Photo: New study and outlook

2015-01-21 17.58.19

We decided to have two bi-fold windows installed so on a fine day we can open up the whole side of the room and really enjoy the surroundings. The windows also create a great focal point in the room.

Photo: New Bi-fold windows

2015-01-06 15.11.59

The study is where we keep all our important paperwork so it was vital to have plenty of storage. We had built-in cupboards installed so we have somewhere to file all our paperwork neatly out of sight and then I asked our cabinetmaker to create the unit that is built in under the window. We have two lockable drawers on one side and then four drawers on the other that we are using to hold stationery.

Photo: New built in desk and cupboards built on the right (out of sight)

2014-12-23 07.41.14

I found the inspiration for this unit on Pinterest, which can be a great place to find ideas for decorating and renovating. Even if you can’t get hold of the original item, you can use the image or website for inspiration and either shop around for something similar or, like I did, ask a tradesman to make you something based on the original.

Photo: The Pinterest photo I showed the cabinet maker for the built in desk


The chair is a Louis Ghost Chair, which I chose as it is transparent and wouldn’t block the view, but I decided to add a reindeer skin over it to create a softer feel and a give a bit of comfort when we are sitting and working.

Photo: Ghost chair and Reindeer skin

2015-01-06 15.12.06

Again, I have used sisal flooring with a rug to add warmth. The rug in this room is one of my favourite pieces in the house as it comes from my mother who dealt in antiques and rugs. It is old and faded, but it adds a great character to the room and you feel if it could talk it would tell some wonderful stories.

As this is a working room, I kept the accessories simple. Some have a practical use while others are just there to add some colour and interest. The Citta gun-metal lamp both looks great and provides light close up, and the gun-metal wire rubbish bins and baskets from Nelson and Co fit perfectly with the overall scheme of the room.

Photo: Citta Lamp and wire baskets/rubbish bin

2015-01-21 17.58.052015-01-15 15.01.57

We have some artwork from Superette that I had framed at Factory Frames and I also added this colourful vintage wheel of fortune which actually works and a pair of old wooden shoe inserts to make the room feel a bit more lived in. A mix of old and new with a soft Scandinavian feel.

Photo: Art before framing


So, this is our new study. Now all I have to do is make sure the view doesn’t distract me too much from the work I am meant to be doing when I’m sitting at that desk!

2015-01-21 17.58.19

The Kids Bathroom

I showed you our ensuite bathroom in an earlier blog post and I decided to make the girls’ bathroom similar, as it is important to have continuity going throughout the finished house.

This area used to be a cupboard, so it’s just incredible to see the new bathroom there now.

Photo: Before space was a cupboard leading into the roof


Although the girls are only young at the moment I figure that they won’t be little forever. I don’t really want to be renovating the bathroom again in a few years once they have grown up a bit, so I have gone for a timeless look that will grow with them. This does make some of the bathroom less kid-friendly than you might expect, but I love it all the same.

Photo: After photo – New bathroom

2015-01-15 14.59.03

One of my favourite things in the bathroom is the marble and particularly the mosaic feature wall, which is similar to the one in our ensuite but this time with small squares with tiles from ArteDomus in Pt Chevalier.

Photo: Marble tiles

 2015-01-06 15.09.24

We put a big shower in the girls’ bathroom to give them plenty of space. We talked about installing two shower heads at either end of a whole wall shower, but I am so glad we didn’t the girls won’t be using the bathroom at the same time for long.

Photo: Shower with closed door for kids

2014-12-23 08.00.212015-01-15 14.59.59

A big shower with a high-quality shower dumper does seem to have been a good investment though as they both like showering in the morning and already seem to be spending way too long in the bathroom! Who knows what they’ll be like when they are in their teens, but at least they have their own bathroom to spend time in.

My cabinet-maker made the vanity unit. I always recommend looking for local craftsmen and if you can find a good tradesman then stick with them for key projects. It has a white engineered stone top, which makes it hard wearing and great for children and I love the extra details on the drawers. The handles I imported from a US-based company called Antropologie.

Photo: Double vanity and handles

2015-01-15 14.59.32 

The floor might not seem like the most interesting part of a room, but it does help tie everything together so it is important to think about it. In rooms like bathrooms, it is also good to think on a practical level. I choose Italian tiles from European Ceramics in Ellerslie that have a slightly rough texture, which helps them to be non-slip – good for walking around with wet feet. We also installed underfloor heating so the room won’t get too cold.

We used Robertson Agencies for the bathroom fittings again. I decided to get wall taps, as I prefer them although I did question whether they would be difficult for the girls to turn on and off, but again I thought they won’t be little for long.

As usual, the little extras really make the room special. I’m loving round mirrors at the moment so I chose a grey round wooden mirror from CC Interiors to go above the twin sinks. And this cute antique medicine bottle I found at an antique shop in Grey Lynn.

Photo: Mirror and old medicine bottle

2015-01-15 14.59.432015-01-21 17.58.44

I hummed and hawed about a hanging pendant, but I decided against it. I am not sure how I feel about hanging pendants esp in a bathroom/wet area. And with kids?!! Not sure if the fad will last. So we were sensible and went with LED lights, 2 switches so we can have one on in the night and it isn’t too bright.

One of the best things is the Stool Stump for the girls to stand on when they want to use the mirror. I got the inspiration from Mark Tuckey, one of my favourite Australian designers. Unfortunately, his stools were too heavy to get home to New Zealand so I got my husband to get a stump cut from a friend’s farm in Bombay so I could make my own.

Photo: Mark Tuckey’s wooden egg cup stool inspired me


One last thing – you might think this is totally over the top but I use good liquid soap like Aesop or Ashley & Co even in a bathroom for young children. If you ask me, there is nothing worse than bad soap and you want the room to smell as good as it looks!

#spoiledbrats x

Hannah’s Room

So last time I showed you Lucy’s room and now it is time to show off her younger sister Hannah’s new bedroom.

Hannah’s room was probably the hardest in this stage as it was a difficult area to start with. Originally, this space was a kitchen and a bathroom so it took a bit of work to reconfigure it into a bedroom.

Photos: The before photo and then after a week.


Again, I started with a mood board to organise my ideas for Hannah’s room and decided to go with a pink and white colour scheme. Hannah is only four years old so she didn’t necessarily need a study area like Lucy, but I did want to give her room a feature.

I decided on a reading corner/window seat for Hannah somewhere she can curl up with a book or just relax in peace for a while.

Photos: Hannah’s Reading Corner

2015-01-15 14.24.44 Hannah's reading corner

The obvious space for this was under the window, which gives Hannah lots of light and a view and allowed me create this beautiful seat covered in fabric from Textilia in Parnell that is soft pink with a slight herringbone pattern. All the cushions in Hannah’s room are from Little Interior Co. whose products I love. I got our builder to make a set of floating shelves – so much cooler that standard shelves – but I had edges added so the books don’t fall off.

Photo: Hannah’s book shelf

2015-01-15 14.26.43

The bed is from Tempt Interiors just like Lucy’s but I got this one in pink to match the colour scheme of the room. As I said before good bedding is a must in our household so the bedding is all high quality.

Photo: Hannah’sbed

2015-01-15 14.23.58

Like Lucy, Hannah has a double wardrobe in her room and a beautiful antique chest where she hides her special things. Both the girls have Componibilli three tier storage boxes from Kartell next to their beds that act as storage and side tables. They are made out of ABS plastic and are really durable so they are a great choice for kids’ rooms. Hannah’s holds a little toadstool lamp which fits perfectly with her new room and gives her light right next to her bed.

Photo: Bedside table and lamp

2015-01-06 15.47.27

The flooring in Hannah’s room is sisal again with a big rug to make it more comfortable, and I picked artwork and extras to match the colour scheme. (Resene half Concrete, Alabaster and Resene Vanilla Ice).

My favourite piece is the large picture of peonies, which is the main artwork in her room, but I also love the pink elephant stool – an Eames Elephant, originally designed by Charles and Ray Eames in the 1940s and the Citta Rattan white pendant shade.

Photo: Citta Rattan Shade

2015-01-15 14.28.35

Photo’s: Hannah’s Artwork (obviously not hung yet)

2015-01-06 15.46.47 2015-01-06 15.15.12 il_340x270_617641229_3eat

One of the best parts about Hannah’s room though, is not quite in the room itself. At the back of her wardrobe is a secret door, which although it doesn’t lead to Narnia does lead to a cool hidden storage area/attic. We created it by putting a mezzanine floor in the roof cavity so we can walk around in there and use it for storage. It is a great place to house all the dress-ups and toy boxes and means Hannah’s bedroom is less cluttered

So, both the girls’ rooms are done and dusted, I am really pleased with how they turned out. Next up to reveal is the girls’ bathroom. We decided as we had the space to make a bathroom especially for them which will grow more important as they get older.

Lucy’s Room – Stage 2 completed

So I haven’t been here on the blog for a while, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been resting on my laurels.

In fact, I’ve been busy working on Stage Two of our project and I’ve got quite a few rooms to share over the next few weeks, starting with my daughter Lucy’s room.

Stage Two covered part of upstairs and I’m stoked that it is finally finished, as it was a lot of work. We completed it just before Christmas after spending seven weeks on the project. The work went according to plan time wise, which was great. The key with any renovation, big or small, is to surround yourself with great contractors – ones that you trust or come highly recommended and have a plan before you start.

When we began, the upstairs had two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a room used as a sewing room, but having taken out the original kitchen and bathroom and reconfigure we now have three bedrooms, a new bathroom and a study.

The before photo of Lucy’s room and then after week.1.

(sorry it is quite hard to see, but you get the idea it was extremely basic, leaking and run down)

IMG_2561IMG_0085 (2)

I love designing children’s rooms and renovating my two daughters’ rooms was no exception. This first room is for Lucy, my eldest daughter who is 6 years old.

I started by doing a mood board, which helps bring your ideas together. It also helps other people understand your concept and, in my case, it means my husband can see what I am planning leaving me free to go ahead and shop.

Both girls had input into their rooms and helped with the mood boards. They loved choosing the colours.

Lucy’s room has a beautiful view and is lovely and light and I chose a mint green and white theme to complement this. The whole room was re-gibbed and we replaced the joinery and put in new windows complete with white shutters from NZ Window Shades.

Photo: Lucy’s view

2015-01-06 16.11.38

As part of the renovation, we wanted to give Lucy some space to do her homework or write and draw in peace so we created a built-in study with shelving and a cool replica 1944 US Navy chair. We also built a big cupboard in the roof at the foot of her bed, which is lined and has an old shag pile rug in it that she stores all her toys in and calls her clubhouse.

Photo: Lucy’s study area

2015-01-06 15.42.22 2015-01-06 15.42.142015-01-06 15.42.04

I found gorgeous mint pattern wallpaper from The Paper Room and painted the trims in the same colour as the rest of the house for continuity Resene half Concrete and Alabaster. We decided to use sisal on all the floors upstairs (more on that in another post) so to make it more comfortable for the girls to sit and play I’ve added a few rugs to their rooms.

Photo: Lucy’s wallpaper and sisal carpet

2015-01-06 15.14.41 2015-01-06 15.06.52

Both the girls have French iron beds from Tempt Interiors. I really want old antique French beds but haven’t been able to find the perfect ones yet. The bedding is from Father Rabbit and Country Road, which both offer high-quality products. I hate bad sheets so will also recommend you spend a little extra on good quality bedding.

Photo: Lucy’s bed

2015-01-06 15.44.34

As well as putting in a double wardrobe, I’ve added a few more bits of furniture including a chest for storage and a buttoned soft chair so Lucy has somewhere to relax. The chest I painted to match the wallpaper. I took a sample of the wallpaper into Resene to help me colour match Resene Gum Leaf, which is a great tip if you want to tie a whole room together with colour.

Photo: Lucy’s chest painted

2015-01-06 15.45.17

I chose a white chandelier from Allium in Newmarket as the main light and a cool white bunny table lamp from Tea Pea. Multiple switches mean the lights can be operated by the door and by the bed and they also have a dimmer switch.

Photo: Lucy’s bedside lamp

2015-01-06 15.44.232015-01-06 15.44.53

The extras, I have collected from a range of sources. The mirror is from Romantique, which is a bit of a drive away over the bridge on the North Shore, but definitely worth a trip. I bought most of the artwork through the internet and then had it framed locally and picked up some smaller reasonably priced things for her shelves like book ends and pencil holders which are available from shops like Allium, Forma and Collected in Mount Eden.

Photo of Lucy’s mirror and artwork

2015-01-06 15.45.28owl-skater_herogold_2_2_r235x235-1_f235x235_clrffffffq100-square il_340x270_706439253_otvv

So there you have it – the first room in our second stage. I am really happy with how it has turned out and Lucy loves her new room. In the next post, I’m going to show you her sister Hannah’s room, which is quite different because the girls have different personalities and tastes, but is just as special. x

My Master Bedroom and Ensuite

Many of you know we have brought a new house… A big old 1920’s bungalow.

A lot of you have asked for photos as we do it up or have asked where I got things, so I have decided to keep a blog. It may go on for a number of years. Here we go..

We decided that Stage 1 would be our bedroom and Ensuite..

Here are the Before photos:

2014-07-09 08.21.35

original Bedroom

2014-07-09 08.21.00

Dark wood, iron windows, ghastly curtains and light fittings everywhere

2014-07-09 08.20.34

Little original wardrobe

2014-07-09 08.20.52

window seat

The Kitchen in our bedroom, now the ensuite

A kitchenette connecting our bedroom, now the ensuite

Stage 1. Master Bedroom and Ensuite (4 weeks)

Firstly I want to start by saying renovations aren’t for the faint of heart, even though I do it for a profession and am very comfortable with all the decisions, I quite forgot how hectic and chaotic renovations are. Especially living through it.

Builders in and out, gib stoppers, painters, plumbers, electricians and muddy boots……it goes on and on.

Anyway to the bedroom.

First things first… I thought about what I wanted out of a master bedroom… ..I wanted to create a light, soft, romantic, elegant room…(a parents getaway if you ever getaway). In thinking about this it helped me choose my colour scheme, this is essential to do first, then you have a base to work with… I use Resene paints because I know them well. I chose colour: Concrete and Alabaster. Grey is in, beige is out! All my carpet, tiles, marble, fabric have tones of grey or work with grey.

As you can see from the before photos, we have old dark wood in the bedroom and throughout the house and it has been the topic of conversation, whether to paint it out  or leave the original wood. We decided here to paint it out with Alabaster, creating a light, contemporary feel.


Our previous wardrobes were original and tiny, so we have had a huge built in wardrobe made with extra height doors. I am so pleased with them… The extra height looks good, the bedroom is big so it can handle them.

photo (4)

The new wardrobe and curtains

My tip with carpet is go for the most expensive carpet you can afford with the thickest underlay. You won’t regret it. Cheap carpet looks awful and you can tell. Mine is a new one out from Cavalier Bremworth.

My bedside lights which I adore are George Nelson bubble lamps from the US..

photo (5)

New bedside lamps

Actually all my lighting is from overseas. Dare I say it, I don’t think we have a good choice here.

And furnishings, always my favourite. A deep buttoned inky blue bedhead and matching throw (I have seen similar throws at thread design).


My curtains are dreamy, they are grey linen and fall all over the floor. I love extra long curtains.

My French chair I found at an antique shop and our window seat I had made. All my fabric is from James Dunlop and Elliot Clarke.

photo (7)


I wanted to make our Ensuite slightly more special than the other bathrooms in the house, after all this is our little sanctuary and we are doing things for long term!

My tiles are all from Artdomus in Pt Chev, I love their tiles…they are exquisite.

I chose marble mosaic rectangles for a feature around the iron windows, with white shutters.

Soft grey and white tiles compliment the marble. All our bathroom gear is from Robertson agencies. They have the best bathroom gear in NZ.

Our stone bath is a real feature and our little piece of luxury.

We did tongue and grove boards on the roof of the bathroom to add interest.

The vanity, I had made from my joiner, love the round bowl on marble top with tap coming out of the wall.

The shower has double head and is OH SO Powerful.

And then to finish off the bathroom I brought a grey Hay mirror from cult in Parnell. Love it!!


My new Ensuite

2014-08-29 18.55.22

And that’s it, 1 bathroom down. 3 to go!!!

1 bedroom down, 4 to go!!!

We have a long way to go…

Next on the agenda are both daughter’s rooms and their bathroom……I adore doing kids rooms.

Stay turned x